Westphalian Business Day 2022

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Dr Robert Habeck

Habeck praises companies for dynamic action in the energy crisis

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Dr Robert Habeck has praised companies in Germany for their dynamic and, in many cases, rapid transformation of their energy supply. The Green politician said on Thursday (25 August 2022) at the 26th Westphalian Business Day in Münster that the business community had long since moved ahead of political regulation in many areas. Habeck was the keynote speaker at the traditional event organised by the Economic Society for Westphalia and Lippe (WWL). The Vice-Chancellor gave a free speech in front of 600 invited guests, providing open insights into the energy policy endeavours of his ministry and talking about the consequences of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

Regarding the current discussion about the gas levy, Habeck said that this would appear to be a minor problem at the end of the winter - in view of the many price increases that both consumers and companies were facing. If things go well, Germany will only experience a short recession, explained the Economics Minister. However, not every company would survive the crisis.

“The world has turned”

He said that he himself was committed to maintaining security of supply for people and companies in Germany. Habeck continued: “The world has turned.” International law must not be allowed to be trampled underfoot in Europe. Society's top priority is to oppose this.

In order to recreate the “prosperity model” in Germany, it was necessary to rethink trade policy in Europe and, not least, to overcome the paralysis of recent years. “You don't always have to say yes,” said Habeck - but quick decisions are urgently needed.

In his welcoming address, the Chairman of the Economic Society for Westphalia and Lippe, Dr Reinhard Zinkann, expressed his delight that Habeck was the first Federal Minister of Economics to attend the Business Day in Münster in person for seven years. “We all know that it is not easy for you, as a Green, to provide the right answers to the energy policy question of the future,” emphasised Zinkann. However, what is currently at stake is nothing less than the future of Germany as an industrial location in general and the associated jobs in particular.