The Wirtschaftliche Gesellschaft für Westfalen und Lippe e. V. is involved in many other projects for business, science and society in addition to the Peace Prize Award and the Westphalian Peace Conference. In particular, peace education for young target groups plays an important role, as does the consistent networking with partners from business and politics.

Westphalian Business Days

At the Westphalian Business Days in Münster and the East Westphalia-Lippe Business Days in Bielefeld, the Economic Society has invited prominent guests from the worlds of politics and business to speak on current topics in alternating years.

Science and education

For WWL, close cooperation with science is a key area for the future in order to drive forward economic and social issues in an innovative and pioneering way. This is why we have been continuously supporting scholarship holders in Westphalia for many years, including with the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship.

Dialogues on peace

With the event series "Münster 1648: Dialogues on Peace", the city therefore refers to the important negotiations year after year. In this way, Münster uses its history to take responsibility for the present and future - for example, when it comes to developing new procedures and instruments for today's trouble spots in order to help prevent or resolve conflicts and secure peace.