In favour of a “Europe of the regions”

To promote the interests of the economy within Westphalia, to overcome barriers between political parties, professional organisations and the economy and to give Westphalia's interests a voice in the competition between European regions - these are three of the WWL's most important goals. As a non-partisan organisation, the WWL focuses on socio-political and economically relevant issues and is committed to preserving the free economic order and the social market economy.

Promoting an understanding of economic interrelationships

Since it was founded more than 100 years ago, the WWL has been tasked with analysing and explaining economic relationships, making them transparent and promoting an understanding of the processes involved. The WWL fulfils this cross-sectional task by cooperating with representatives of the scientific community and the awarding of contracts as well as by promoting research work. It publishes the results of the investigations and offers forums that provide impetus for further discussion.

Bundling and communicating the interests of Westphalia

Against the backdrop of European integration, the WWL is particularly keen to represent Westphalia as a unified region with established regional and economic structures. The focus here is on bundling and communicating the social and economic interests of Westphalia across the borders of the IHK districts.

Commitment to subsidiarity

With its work, the WWL wants to counteract the development towards a Europe as a bureaucratically clotted, large-scale unit that inhibits new departures and dynamism. It advocates a "Europe of the regions" and is committed to a federal organisation and the principle of subsidiarity, because competition and, as a result, innovation are better possible in smaller, faster units.