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Become a member – your commitment to the WWL

Support the activities of the Wirtschaftliche Gesellschaft and become part of our board of trustees

The Wirtschaftliche Gesellschaft für Westfalen und Lippe e.V. (WWL) represents the regional economic interests of its members in politics and in public. By joining our Board of Trustees, you support the activities of the WWL and give the regional economy a strong voice! Over 100 trustees are already part of our organisation.

As a trustee of the WWL, you will be involved in awarding the International Award of the Peace of Westphalia, take part in the Westphalian Peace Conference, promote university research in the Westphalia and Lippe region and influence political decision-making in our region and beyond.

Strong for your interests

Are you interested in social and economic policy issues, are you an entrepreneur or otherwise active in the economy? Take advantage of WWL's expertise and reputation and become a trustee. See for yourself the benefits of joining the Board of Trustees. We now have over 100 trustees working together for peace, tolerance and dialogue.

Dialogue between politics and business

The WWL promotes dialogue between politics and business and among companies. It pools and articulates the common economic interests of East Westphalia, the eastern Ruhr region, Münsterland, Sauerland and Lippe.

The preservation of the free economic order and the social market economy is a major concern of the WWL. With your membership, you support the aims of the association and benefit from its range of services. The WWL brings your interests to the public!

Your contribution to success

The WWL charges an annual membership fee of €3,000 for individual members, companies and freelancers. The contributions are tax-deductible. We will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt on request. You are only a small step away from becoming a member of the Wirtschaftliche Gesellschaft für Westfalen und Lippe.